21 Day Fix Week 2 Video Review

Well, I have made it through week 2 of the 21 Day Fix! I think I have become a little stronger both physically and mentally. I am certainly learning some good portion control lessons that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life. The workouts continue to challenge me and I am pushing through them all trying to get results. I have not been on a scale yet, and I don’t plan to get on a scale until I complete the entire 21 Day Fix schedule. I believe that I can see a physical difference in my appearance, so I think I am improving and taking a step forward towards my ultimate fitness goals. Watch my week 2 review below:

If you are thinking about trying this program but have some reservations, I can assure you that anyone can do this, and it is for any fitness level. As long as you are trying to lose weight or tone up, this program is for you. It will work for both men and women of any age and any ability. The modifier for every exercise is a huge benefit to those just starting out or with some physical limitations.

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