Exercise Myth: Exercise is Hard

Do you think exercise needs to be hard to be effective? 

One of the most common excuses I hear from clients, family, friends and many others is that exercise is just too hard. They want to change their life, but tell me they have kids and a job and it is too hard to work out or too hard to find the time to work out. The reality is, exercise does not have to be hard, or 3 hours long to be effective.


The truth is, physical activity and exercise should be fun. It is for good reason that kids refer to physical activity as “play” and not work. It is because they enjoy doing it, and view it as fun. Just like your mind, you body also needs new challenges to see results. It is important to change up the types of activities you do for exercise. A good routine can be good for you, but if you change things up, it helps to combat boredom, and helps keep you interested in exercise. Make sure you move outside your comfort zone, and find new ways to get moving and keep moving. You can also motivate yourself by integrating a social aspect and exercise with your friends. Activities like walking, running, biking or skiing with friends are some great exercises with social opportunities.

Exercise should never hurt. Exercise should challenge you while engaged in it, but if it hurts, you are either pushing too far or not doing it right. A friend can also help you in this aspect by assisting with your pace and form to help you prevent injury.

There are 2 great programs for busy parents or professionals who don’t think they have time to work out. P90X3 is a 30 minute per day, 6 days per week program that focuses on strength training. Focus T25 is primarily a cardio based 25 minute per day, 6 days per week program that does integrate some light weights in weeks 6-10. Both of these programs can give your weight loss efforts a huge boost.

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