Are Exercise Machines Safer than Other Exercise?

When it comes to fitness, there are so many half-truths and myths. It is important to get the facts on common exercise myths so your workouts can be safer and more fun, making it more likely you will stick with it and achieve results.

It seems many people a misled to believe that exercise machines are safer than free weights or running and biking outside. It may seem like those cardio or resistance machines naturally put your body in the right position and help you complete the exercise correctly. However, this can only be true of the machine is properly adjusted specifically for your weight and height. If it is not correctly adjusted for you, then you are putting yourself at increased risk of injury.

You can still make mistakes on training machines. If you want to use training machines in your routine, be sure to get some guidance before you begin using a new machine so that you can reduce your risk of injury and increase your odds of success.

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