21 day Fix Review: Day 16 – Upper Fix

Just completed day 9 in the 21 Day Fix Schedule while I attempt to help answer the question: Is the 21 Day Fix for men too? I am following the eating plan and workout schedule exactly as designed by Autumn Calabrese. My goal on this journey is to reduce my body fat percentage and reduce some of that stubborn back fat! I know the 21 Day Fix has has helped so many men and women achieve amazing results, and my clients are seeing good results too! It’s my turn now, and I am determined to get eventually reach all of my fitness goals! 

The Day 16 workout is “Upper Fix”. This is an upper body workout using 2 sets of weights or resistance bands. One heavy and one light set. I chose 20 pounds for my heavy weights and 10 pounds for my light weights. This seemed to work pretty good for me again. I was able to feel a good burn and feel good about myself when I was done.

I would rate my nutrition as good but not great today. I felt a little hungrier than I have been while doing this program. I ate just a little more than the 21 Day Fix eating plan laid out for me. That may be a good thing. It may be a sign that I am continuing to build my muscle, and my body is asking for more fuel. Starving your body is not a good idea because it can actually cause you to gain weight as your body panics to hold on to everything it can and slows your metabolism in order to survive and protect vital organs.

You can view the foods I ate on Day 16 below:

21 Day Fix Day 16 Food

I was also able to get an extra walk in which made it 3 walks totally about 6 miles, plus my walking throughout the day at work and always taking the stairs. I never take the elevator for anything less than 7 floors. It is a great way to add a little extra exercise to a day.

Overall, I was pleased with how today went. I felt good, though a little hungry at times. I had plenty of energy and motivation for the entire day. My body is definitely changing through this process, and I have not had a headache since I began this program. I really believe that has to do with eating cleaner foods that my body wants and needs.

And, if you are wondering, yes I drank my Shakeology! It is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It is the healthiest meal of the day, and is a game changer!

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