Sleep to Beat Stress

Are you suffering from a lack of sleep? Did you know that sleep can reduce your stress levels?

It’s true. reducing your sleep by just one hour can make it  much more difficult to focus the next day. When you are short on sleep you are more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions which could mean poor job performance or increased risk of a car accident. Many studies have linked a lack of sleep to poor behavior in kids, and it increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and many other health related problems.

Rest is powerful!

When you sleep, your body produces hormones that fuel growth and build and repair muscle and cells. Sleep also helps us have the energy to fight and even prevent infections. Studies have consistently shown the less you sleep the more likely you are to be overweight or develop diabetes and unhealthy eating habits. Plus, the longer you are awake each day, the more temptations you will face in your nutrition decisions. You can’t eat when you are sleeping!

But what if I work long hours, how am I supposed to get the rest I need?

If you work nights or travel a lot, you can reduce your risk of accidents by managing and planning your sleep schedule. You find that you need to sleep during the day. Keep the window coverings closed and try to make the room as dark as possible by adding a sheet or a towel to the window coverings to block unwanted light. Plan your long drives when you are most alert. Not everyone is a morning person, some people are night owls.

If you find that you are very tired during the day, you may want to take a power nap. Pull over or take a break and take a 20 minute rest. Take a 20 minute rest every two to three hours on long trips and switch drivers if you can. Set a reasonable limit on the number of hours you drive in a day.

How much sleep do I need?

This will certainly vary from person to person, but studies show that most people should always get at least 7 hours of sleep but never more than 9 hours unless you are ill. To much sleep can also have a negative effect on the body. Too much sleep may lower your metabolism and reduce your energy level.  If you the proper amount and quality of rest, you can boost your memory, mood, work performance and your ability to learn. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it. Exercise and turn off the TV and all electronics at bedtime as they affect how deep your sleep is. Do this and you will be more alert and ready for a good morning!

More about me:  My name is Jeremy Woeste, a dedicated husband and dad from Bismarck, ND. I was overweight most of my life until I found Team Beachbody and their at home workout programs and nutritional products like Shakeology. These products and the support of my Team Beachbody Coach helped me lose nearly 60 pounds and completely transform my life. I am a graduate of Insanity, P90X, P90X3, Focus T25 and ChaLean Extreme! I plan to take on Body Beast, the 21 Day Fix and Les Mills Combat in the near future. Now, I am paying it back with free coaching. I want to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Please Contact me for more information on how I can help you!


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