My 21 Day Fix Journey & Review: Day 4

Day 4 in my attempt to help answer the question: Is the 21 Day fix for men? I have followed the nutrition guidelines and workout schedule exactly as designed by Autumn Calabrese for 4 days now. My overall goal from this program is to reduce my body fat percentage and a few pounds. Many people, both men and women alike have achieved amazing results in the test groups, and now some of my clients are also seeing results on the program! It is my turn now, I want to get my abs to make a more defined appearance!

Day 4 of the 21 Day Fix:

Today was day 4 on the 21 Day Fix schedule. I got about 7 hours of sleep last night and woke up today at about 5:40 AM. Once again, my legs were still a little sore and tight from yesterday’s Lower Fix workout. I love that sore feeling which is a that my muscles are repairing themselves and getting stronger. It is a great sign that I pushed myself and I am making progress.

Day 4 at home DVD workout: Lower Focus

Day 4 on the 21 Day Fix workout calendar is “Pilates Fix”. If you are not familiar with Pilates, it holds some resemblance and similarities to yoga. Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates and it focuses on breathing while helping to build flexibility, strength and endurance in primarily in the legs and core.

This Pilates workout focused a lot on the abdominal region and was about 32 minutes long. Like all 21 Day Fix workouts, there is a modifier to help with those moves that may be too difficult for beginners or too painful due to past injuries or physical limitations. I did not wear my heart rate monitor today as this workout really doesn’t need one. I did wear my pedometer and counted about 150 steps. Again, this is an active recovery day and much of this workout is done from either a sitting position or some form of hands, knees and plank positions.

For beginners or those dealing with an injury, all of the workouts in this series have a modifier performing the exercises that you can follow until you are ready to do the workout with proper form for the entire 30 minutes. This is a great plus in these workouts, as anyone can do them, even your kids!

Through day 4 of the 21 Day Fix, I am impressed with the workouts and I feel great! In addition to the 21 Day Fix scheduled workout, I also added some walking time during my breaks at work and in the evening at home. Walks are great for the mind and body.

Today’s Fitness Stats:

  • Average heart rate during workout: NA
  • Max heart rate during workout: NA
  • Calories burned during workout: NA
  • Steps during workout: about 150
  • Total steps count today: > 13,000 – (My daily target is 12,000-20,000)

Nutrition: Day 4 of the 21 Day Fix:

I have not varied my nutrition much through 4 days. I ate a very similar menu to days 1 – 3. I like to take this approach to eating during a busy work week. This approach helps me stay on track and avoid temptations. More information in the image below.

Once again, I drank over 80 ounces of water to stay hydrated and maintain that full feeling. The clean and healthy foods also help to keep me full, and I find that my cravings are all but totally eliminated. This program really makes it easy to stay on target. I continue to appreciate how this program simplifies the eating process and eliminates the need to count calories. Instead the 21 Day Fix includes color coded containers to determine your portions throughout the day. I find this to be much easier than counting calories.

Click on the image below to see my 21 Day Fix – Day 4 nutrition checklist:

21 Day Fix Food Day 4

Day 4 Mood & Feelings:

Overall, day 4 was another great day! I completed my workout before the kids woke up and I had to go to work. I followed the nutrition plan as designed by Autumn Calabrese. Even though the weather continues to be unseasonably cold I was able to muster plenty of energy to get through the work day and the evening enjoying family time with my wife and kids. I am impressed with how full I feel on this eating plan even though I am eating at a calorie deficit. It is truly amazing what clean eating and real food can do for the body.

Helpful Tip:

I recommend taking some time to prepare a few meals or at least the more complicated parts of your meals ahead of time. Think through your meals the night before and come up with a game plan for the coming days. Consider taking a day on the weekend to prepare you meals ahead of time.  This prep time will help you make good choices and avoid temptation. When you have a plan and know what you are going to be eating before you start reaching for things you shouldn’t and eating mindlessly life is so much easier.  We try to always have prepared chicken breasts, quinoa, and hard boiled eggs on hand for the week to speed up prep times of our meals. We also make a little extra food at supper each night so that we have healthy leftovers available to us to use throughout the week. The more you can simplify your food prep, the better chance you will have at seeing success with the 21 Day Fix, or any program for that matter! It all starts in the kitchen!

Check back tomorrow for my Day 5 experience!

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