21 Day Fix Video Review: Day 10

This marks day 10 of my attempt to find out: Is the 21 Day fix for men? I am continuing to do my best to follow the program and workout schedule exactly as designed by Autumn Calabrese, and I am doing pretty good so far. I am hope to see a reduction in my body fat percentage and a lower number on the scale when I complete the 21 day program. I have seen so many people test group and my personal clients alike achieve amazing results! It is only fair that I do this program so that I have a better understanding of what it takes to complete it.


Lower Fix Workout:

Today was day 10 on the Schedule. I slept well again last night. It helps to have an active day with a good workout. The 21 Day Fix day 10 workout is the 21 Day Fix “Lower Fix”. This workout has a heavy focus on the lower body. You guessed it, leg day! It is a favorite of mine since it is imperative that you strengthen your legs, and not just the upper body. Autumn Calabrese instructs you to select both a light and a heavy weight (or resistance bands if you don’t have weights). Just like in week 1, I selected 10 pound and 20 pound dumbbells for my weights, but only used the 20 pound dumbbells. I started all of the exercises with my heavy weight and never had to switch to my light weight. I was close on a couple of exercises but I was able to push through and really get a good burn in my muscles.

The workout was right around 30 minutes long started out with the same warm-up used in all of the videos. This workout worked over my legs pretty well. I achieved a very good burn in each of the 1 minute exercises. I think the 20 pound dumbbells are still about perfect for me at this stage. After 5 rounds of 2 exercises each repeated twice with a 20 second break between exercises. The workout ends with a 2 minute burnout in the plank position, then a 3 minute cool down to stretch and bring your heart rate down. Once again, my legs were fairly weak for a few hours after this workout, especially when I tried to walk the stairs. It was a good workout!

For beginners or those dealing with a limiting injury, don’t worry. Every workout in this program have a modifier performing the exercises that you can follow until you are ready to do the workout with proper form for the entire 30 minutes. This is a great plus in these workouts, because anyone can do them.

Through 10 days of the 21 Day Fix, I am very impressed with the workouts and I feel great! In addition to the 21 Day Fix scheduled workout, I was able to get to 9,000 steps on my pedometer. Not a great number as my target is 12,000 steps minimum, but at least I stayed active.


I continue to keep it simple by eating similar items for my first 4 meals of the day. During a busy work week, this just makes sense and helps me stay on track. I change up supper everyday, but making meals and snacks ahead of time really helps me stay on track, and I really don’t mind leftovers, especially if I know they helping me make good decisions. I started the day off by drinking Shakeology blended with ice and water. I added a slice of dense 100% wheat toast topped with homemade almond butter.

Once again, I drank my 80 ounces of water to stay hydrated and maintain that full feeling. I do not believe in taking vitamins since they are man-made, synthetic, and potentially hamrful. However, I took a men’s multi-vitamin, “Alive – Men’s Energy” since I am eating at a calorie Deficit. Otherwise, I would much rather get my vitamins in their natural from Shakeology and real food. I really appreciate how this program simplifies the eating process and eliminates the need to count calories. Instead the 21 Day Fix includes color coded containers to determine your portions throughout the day. I find this to be much easier than counting calories.

Mood & Feelings:

Overall, day 10 was another great day! I completed a really good leg workout workout followed the nutrition plan pretty well. Even though I am eating at a deficit, I still had plenty of energy to get through the work day including an evening meeting. I am impressed with how full I feel on this eating plan even. It is truly amazing what clean eating and real food can do for the body.

Helpful Tip:

Take the time to prepare a few meals ahead of time. Prepare you meals the night before, or take a day on the weekend to at least prepare you lunches ahead of time.  This will help you make good choices and avoid temptation since you have a plan and know what you are going to be eating before you start reaching for things you shouldn’t and eating mindlessly.  I try to keep some cooked chicken breasts, quinoa, and hard boiled eggs on hand all the time to help speed up prep times. I also focus on making enough for leftovers at supper so I have a few more healthy options to choose from during the busy work week. The more you can simplify your food prep, the better chance you will have at seeing success with the 21 Day Fix, or any program for that matter! It all starts in the kitchen!

Check back tomorrow for my Day 11 experience!


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