Is Shakeology Too Expensive?

Shakeology is too expensive and I can’t afford it. I hear this frequently from potential customers and people who want to take their life back and either get back in shape or maybe get in shape for the first time in their life.

As I sit here enjoying my Chocolate, Banana and Peanut Butter Shakeology, I want to give my opinion on the price of Shakeology. So, is Shakeology too expensive? This is what you really want to know right? My honest answer is no, but in this economy everything seems expensive. And, I understand your concern when it comes to price. After all, the price of Shakeology held me back for a while too. It took 8 months of personal research into Shakeology. During this time I was looking for ways to poke holes in it. I wanted to prove that there was no benefit to drinking Shakeology. I wanted to say the Shakeology is a scam, and I wanted no part of the Shakeology scam. Well, this research actually let me in the other direction and I concluded that I was missing out on an amazing health drink, and nutrients my body really needed, and I was just not getting in my diet. I started drinking Shakeology and my wife and I both fell in love with it. We both feel better, and cannot imagine going through life without it now. Shakeology is not a scam, it is the real deal my friend! I promise you there is not a more complete or more natural product on the market today than Shakeology!

Think about the last time you went out to a restaurant for a minute. When you order a meal of grilled chicken or steak and vegetables for dinner, you likely paid anywhere from $12 to $30 for that one simple meal. If you looked closely at the plate of food placed in front of you, you may have wondered why you are paying so much for such small amount of food. You paid $12 or more for a meal that doesn’t even come close to the nutrition in Shakeology. The protein content may be similar, but other than they don’t even begin to compare nutrition wise. Shakeology is not too expensive. If you paid for by nutritional value instead of quantity of food on your plate, you would understand this concept. I challenge any one to get the nutrition that is in Shakeology for less than $4 a glass. If you  replaced lunch with Shakeology you would be saving money since most fast food lunches cost well over $4 and there is nothing nutritional about places like Subway, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Starbucks or any other standard American fast food joint.

You need to look at your meals and think of them as fuel and nutrition. Doing this will help you see your nutrition in a new light. Don’t eat to get full; you must eat to get the proper nutrition your body needs to function at its peak performance level. Many people think $4 in a glass is a lot but $8 for a huge plate of pasta and bread is a great deal. Wow, I guess it just depends on how long you want to live and how you want to feel in your day to day life. Do you want to feel good and have energy to face the day, or do you prefer a big plate of carbs and the sluggish feeling that comes with it?

Check out this video and see what 100 doctors are saying about Shakeology. See why people all over the country are adding Shakeology nutrition into their lives. Also, when you order Shakeology on home direct you get $2 super discount shipping and you get free access to the 30 minute and 50 minute Shakeology workouts.

If you have any questions please let me know. If you need more information on Shakeology, you can lean more here: Learn about Shakeology!


More about me:

My name is Jeremy Woeste, a husband and father living in Bismarck, ND. I was over weight most of my life until I found Team Beachbody and their at home workout programs and nutritional products like Shakeology. These products along with support from my Team Beachbody Coach helped me lose nearly 60 pounds and completely transformed my life. I am a graduate of Insanity, P90X, P90X3, Focus T25 and ChaLean Extreme! I plan to take on Body Beast, the 21 Day Fix and Les Mills Combat in the near future. Now, I am paying it back through free coaching, and I want to help you get your life and health back in order.Contact me for more information on how I can help you!

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