My 21 Day Fix Journey & Review: Day 6 – Dirty 30 Workout

Just completed day 6 in the 21 Day Fix Schedule while I attempt to help answer the question: Is the 21 Day Fix for men too? I am following the eating plan and workout schedule exactly as designed by Autumn Calabrese. My goal on this journey is to reduce my body fat percentage and reduce some of that stubborn back fat! The 21 Day Fix has has helped men and women achieve amazing results, and my clients are seeing good results too! It’s my turn now, and I am determined to get the abs I want!

Day 6 of the 21 Day Fix:

Day 6 on the 21 Day Fix workout calendar is “Dirty 30”. This is a workout that focuses on lifting for both the upper body and the lower body. More of a total body day. The workout is about 32 minutes long including the warm-up and cool-down. There is no cardio outside of the job in place and jumping jacks in the warm-up. If you put forth a full effort, you will feel the burn and you will get a good workout completed that will help you burn calories for the rest of the day! Once again, just like all workouts in the 21 Day Fix program, there is a modifier to help with those moves that may be too difficult for beginners or too painful due to past injuries or physical limitations. I wore my heart rate monitor and pedometer today, and wow am I glad I did! You can see my numbers in my summary further down this page.

This workout has 4 rounds of 2 exercises with each exercise done twice. Each exercise is roughly 1 minute with a 20 second break between each one. There is a really short burnout at the end, which leads to the final cool down and stretching section of the workout. In addition to the 21 Day Fix scheduled workout, I also took a long walk and stayed fairly active get get some additional steps in. Walks are great for the mind and body.

Through 6 days on the 21 Day Fix, I can honestly say I continue to be impressed with the workouts and I feel great!

Today’s Fitness Stats:
  • Average heart rate during workout: 136
  • Max heart rate during workout: 168
  • Calories burned during workout: 360
  • Steps during workout: about 500
  • Total steps count today: > 18,000 – (My daily target is 12,000-20,000)

Nutrition: Day 6 of the 21 Day Fix:

Since it was a Saturday and we were at home most of the day, my nutrition was much easier than it during the week. The big curve-ball for the day was that we decided to go out for supper. We went to Applebees, and I ordered a dish with a chicken breast over a vegetable medley, and it was delicious. It really isn’t that hard to go out to eat once in a while as long as you are armed with good information to make informed decision when ordering.

I drank over 80 ounces of water to stay hydrated and maintain that full feeling. The clean and healthy foods also help to keep me full, and I find that my cravings are all but totally eliminated. This program really makes it easy to stay on target. I continue to appreciate how this program simplifies the eating process and eliminates the need to count calories. Instead the 21 Day Fix includes color coded containers to determine your portions throughout the day. I find this to be much easier than counting calories.

Mood & Feelings:

Overall, day 6 was great! I completed my workout before 8:00 AM. I followed the nutrition plan as designed by Autumn Calabrese. I had plenty of energy to get through the day and to stay awake to enjoy some family time. It was a warm day so I made the most of it by spending time outside doing some yard work and taking a 5 mile walk. I know I say it almost everyday, but I continue to be pleased with how full I feel on this eating plan even though I am eating at a calorie deficit. It is truly amazing what clean eating and real food can do for the body.

21 Day Fix Helpful Tip:

I recommend taking some time to prepare a few meals or at least the more complicated parts of your meals ahead of time. Think through your meals the night before and come up with a game plan for the coming days. Consider taking a day on the weekend to prepare you meals ahead of time.  This prep time will help you make good choices and avoid temptation. When you have a plan and know what you are going to be eating before you start reaching for things you shouldn’t and eating mindlessly life is so much easier.  We try to always have prepared chicken breasts, quinoa, and hard boiled eggs on hand for the week to speed up prep times of our meals. We also make a little extra food at supper each night so that we have healthy leftovers available to us to use throughout the week. The more you can simplify your food prep, the better chance you will have at seeing success with the 21 Day Fix, or any program for that matter! It all starts in the kitchen!

Check back tomorrow for my Day 6 experience!

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