My 21 Day Fix Journey: Prep Day with video

I have decided to blog my entire 21 Day Fix journey from start to finish. I want to find out what this program is all about since many of my customers have been using this program and seeing results. I also want to see if the 21 Day Fix is for men. I know both men and women have seen great results from the 21 Day Fix and it is my turn to see if I can match their results. I am trying to be realistic in my goals since I am in pretty good shape already.

My goal in this first round of the 21 Day Fix is to lose 6 to 10 pounds in 21 days while teaching myself some cleaner eating habits and getting a better grip on my portion control. Once I finish this program, I plan to return to P90X or P90X3, or maybe even step up to the Body Beast program to try to add some size and definition to my muscles.

I hope to find the time over the next 21 days to blog what I eat for each meal on each day and also express my feelings towards each of the at home workouts and how I felt throughout the day. This should be interesting since I am not always the best at sitting down to get my thoughts on paper so to speak. I will be drinking Shakeology everyday during this program and I truly feel it will play a vital role in my eventual success!

Today marks day “Zero” in my 21 Day Fix journey. It was my my prep day. I spent a couple hours studying the 21 Day Fix guide and how the containers will fit into my day in the coming weeks. I also made sure I had foods in the house that I can use to fulfill each of my containers for the first few days of this program. Understanding what you will be doing in the next few days is critical to achieving success in this program.

Check back tomorrow as I begin my 21 Day Fix journey. Follow my progress and find out if this program is right for you!

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